Website design and Software Development.

Web Development

Today’s websites must be designed to be mobile-first. That’s why we build every website for mobile devices first or use tools that do both at the same time like bootstrap. People view websites on their mobile devices differently compared desktops.

The user experience on mobile must be fast and extremely simple to use. That includes smaller informational websites to larger eCommerce sites.We build sites that are optimized to work for any type of device, gone are the days where you had to build a mobile site and a desktop site. By just building a single site that displays well on a phone, a tablet or a desktop computer, you are saving money that that can be reinvested into your business.

whether mobile, desktop or tablet, AdvancedTek Solutions uses adaptive and responsive website design methods. Every website features a fluid design that flexes to fit the size of any screen, reducing the need for visitors to scroll and zoom in order to read your content. Whether you're looking for a basic informational site or an eCommerce solution, mobile web design will improve the user experience as well as your organic rankings and conversions.

Software Development

AdvancedTek Solutions also provides software solutions for small and medium size business that fits exactly what they are looking for. We provide custom desktop applications build on the .Net platform and we also build applications on the Java virtual machine that can run virtually anywhere, where you use a MAC , Windows or Linux for your business, we can provide custom made applications for you.

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