Security Assurance.

Security and Compliance Consulting

Companies in regulated industries are no strangers to the pressures of compliance. We will ensure that you are always in compliance. we can help your organization reduce the risk of data compromise and ensure your systems are prepared for the next IT audit in your cycle.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

We will Lead your organization through complete continuity planning using a repeatable process for continuous plan maintenance, testing and use Identification of critical business functions, data and recovery time objectives. We will develop impact response scenarios to continue revenue-generating activities Data replication and alternative processing site services to meet plan recovery requirements

Information Security Risk Assessment

We do a security risk assessment by identifying your information assets, threats, vulnerabilities and prepare detailed, management-level results reporting and recommendations appropriate to your organization’s risk tolerance Internal vulnerability scan on network servers to identify security vulnerabilities

Mobile Device Management

We provide management and control of smart-phones, tablets and laptops for corporate and employee-owned devices, enforce security policies and avoid theft of corporate data. We Also provide mobile device security mobile device management for inventory, policy configurations and compliance enforcement and application and document distribution management for mobile devices.

Network Security Assessment

We perform external vulnerability scan on public-facing systems to identify exploitable vulnerabilities penetration testing to exploit vulnerabilities found on public-facing systems,and then provide Internal vulnerability scan on network servers to identify security vulnerabilities detailed, management-level results reporting and recommendations

Security Policy and Practice Development

We provide Identification and documentation of security policy and procedures to meet regulatory needs .

Social Engineering

We also do on-Site physical penetration tests to identify facility security vulnerabilities, phone and email spoofing tests to identify confidential information disclosure vulnerabilities.

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