Network Design and Implementation.

Our engineers are experienced in the selection, design and implementation of many different technologies. The computer network is the backbone of every business, small and large. It is the pipeline of productivity that drives business success. AdvancedTek Solutions has qualified engineers available to design LAN and WAN based networks with key deployment strategies that assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Network Design

At AdvancedTek Solutions, we will strategically designed and redesigned your business networks for a variety of reasons but with one reason being the most important; to ensure a consistent and productive experience for users. Technology use shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a tool that compliments the success of a business.

Our Cisco Certified Engineers will examine your existing infrastructure and consult with you while keeping your current and future goals in mind properly aligning you for future success.

Network Support.

At AdvancedTek Solutions, we provide more than just system monitoring. By providing pro-actively managed solutions we are able to deliver an all-encompassing network solution and support clients from the ground up. As your business technology needs evolve, we adapt solutions that work for you. That’s the definition of a true managed service provider. Stop paying to deal with your computer problems and start paying to prevent them.

AdvancedTek Solutions prides itself on the level of technical support we offer. If you have a computer repair, network problem, or server related issue, we will be prompt and professional in handling any service call. We offer rapid response times and unparalleled levels of customer service to resolve any issue the first time. Whether you need on-site or remote support, AdvancedTek Solutions has you covered with affordable hourly rates or monthly service level agreements.

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